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Rogues and Vagabonds

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By Marilyn Lightstone 

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Rogues and Vagabonds, Marilyn Lightstone’s remarkable first foray into fiction, tells the story of a disparate group of characters brought together by the one great passion they all share: their love of the theatre. 

There is Milo, Brandoesque bad-boy, whose streetwise machismo conceals the soul of an artist. There is Adam, former TV variety performer, for whom the price of a place in the legitimate theatre is a break with his homosexual past. There is Bobby, the temptress, whose illegitimate pregnancy sets in motion a series of events that will have tragic consequences. And guiding them all is Theo, charismatic founder of NAADA – the North American Academy of Dramatic Art – willing to break all rules, and transcend all boundaries, to mold his young charges. 

Author and multi-award-winning actress Marilyn Lightstone brings a lifetime of personal experience to this rollicking, old- fashioned feast of a novel. Written with passion and an unerring eye for detail, Rogues and Vagabonds is a theatrical saga: an epic tale of the pain endured, the sacrifices made, and the secrets kept in the name of art. 

Format: Hardcover

Age (years): Adult

ISBN: 9780773733206, 0773733205

Pages: 316

Price: $29.95 (CAD)

Pub Date: 2001

Rogues and Vagabonds