Empowered Living

Empowered Living

Silverts Adaptive Clothing

Silverts clothing and footwear is designed and adapted to ease the task of dressing.
Features such as Magnetic Closures, Easy Grip Loops, Easy Grip Zippers, and Easy Touch Closures simplify dressing so you can live an empowered life.

Magnetic ClosuresMagnetic closures are available in buttons and zippers. Hidden magnets on button down shirts and blouses remove the obstacle of aligning a button with a hole. With the magnetic zipper, you can zip up your clothing with just one hand.

Easy Grip LoopsThese pull up loops are sewed into the waistband of our self dressing pants, they provide an easy grip for pulling pants on and off when hand dexterity is limited.

Easy Grip ZipperLonger pull tabs on all zippers to make the grip easier on everyone, no added struggle required.

Easy Access PantsEasy Access Pants have an opening along the side seam of the pants, whether that be by zipper or easy touch closure, this means no struggle over the hips and major joints.

Easy Touch ClosureEasy Touch Closures are fastenings that are adjustable and attached by a simple touch of the fabrics. Perfect for lowered hand dexterity.

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